Sunday, March 16, 2014

Laughable. I actually pity these poor bastards. General Custer gets reinforcements prior to Little Big Horn.

But help may be on the way. Oppenheim is one of five agents in ATF's New Haven office, which is slated this year to get an additional four agents. Woo hoo!


SWIFT said...

"The ATF is facing a brain drain." Oh? Is one of the janitors quitting?

Anonymous said...

I have NO pity, whatsoever, for ANY three letter Federal agent who will be assigned to the upcoming disaster soon-to-be-known-as Conn. Those dark blue over jackets with the large white letters make SUCH nice targets. And since you just KNOW they'll be wearing body armor underneath, the adage about "Hips and head, head and hips" comes to mind.

B Woodman

THEBigFatPanda said...

Best quote ever in that article: "We can't prevent an active shooter; we don't have crystal balls and we don't read minds!"
No shit? Maybe that's why we the people carry guns, cuz you F-troop boys can't be and AREN'T THERE when shtf.
Oh and by the way, since numerous courts have also ruled cops have no legal duty to protect us, guess it doesn't really matter if you're there or not, now does it?

Paul X said...

"You will not find the National Shooting Sports Foundation or the industry referring to the ATF in that manner," said Larry Keane, general counsel to the Newtown-based firearms business trade group. "The industry does not benefit when ATF lacks the resources to perform services required by law."

Ugh, it's hard to imagine a statement more craven. When you see someone looking bad compared to NRA, you're looking at a real boot-licker.

Anonymous said...

Anyone recall few years back when they confiscated those Curbside Basketball Hoops? Had to have been an alloy that could have been weaponized or made into Barricade. Mhmmm
Emo: Off

Dan Ryan Galt said...

What do you expect when we have two sanctuary cities here in the Un-Constitution State of Connecticut, Hartford and New Haven.

An guess what party the mayors of our major cities belong to. I'll give you a hint. They're mostly all Dem-o-rats.