Saturday, March 15, 2014

Great. Another contributing factor to the new powder famine.

PB Clermont Evacuation And Clearing Underway. Ammunition Industry Remains Ominously Silent.
PB Clermont SA provides small arms propellant (gunpowder) to most ammunition manufacturers in Europe and many in the United States. Last Friday at about 5:00 PM local time after most workers had gone home for the day, an explosion leveled a key building used to manufacture propellant used for rifle cartridges. Two employees were injured. The cause of the explosion is still unknown. . .
A fourth industry source, insisting on anonymity, suggested that the explosion could seriously affect rifle ammunition production through 2016.
Until PB Clermont can clear the site, recover essential equipment, and provide estimates on when they might be back online, the length and depth of the impact on the market is still largely an unknown, but is one severe enough that major manufacturers on two continents refuse to discuss it.
I was at the AGCA show in Birmingham setting up yesterday and the usual powder purveyors were completely out of pistol powders like Accurate #5, HP-38 and W-231 before they even open for business this morning. Our local shop for reloading supplies, Simmons in Bessemer, hasn't had any but a few containers for over a month. Get what you can, when you can is my only advice.


MamaLiberty said...

The interesting thing about all this is that someone, somewhere will come up with an alternative. That's just the nature of human beings, and those who would own and control us just never seem to understand that.

Can't wait to see what comes around the corner here... We might all have to buy a whole new kind of gun!! :)

THE BigFatPanda said...

Coincidence, my lily white Irish/Mexican ASS!!!!!

More prepping the battlefield, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Here's another piece of advise.


You'll be surprised at how much becomes available and how reasonable, comparatively, the prices will be.

Really folks, can't you see what's happening here?

Sounds like Russian spec-ops have responded.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to be a conspiracy theorist BUT ... was this sabotage?

Ed said...

Since I was unfamiliar with PB Clermont, I looked for them online:

Look through the slide show for the picture captioned "horseshoes containing PB Clermont powder", which shows several mortar rounds. Close enough!

Anonymous said...

The above link references an explosion that occurred on March 26, 2013, which was on a Tuesday, at the same plant.

Would anyone care for a warm cup of coincidence?

Scott J said...

Anon @11:26--

What do you propose I shoot then?

I burned through a 50 cal ammo can and 30 cal ammo can both full of loose .45 last year with a light IDPA schedule.

This year I'm trying to practice more, keep the same IDPA schedule and add Steel Challenge.

I have barely enough powder to refill said cans.

Resupply will become problematic in short order.

If you're a prepper type you like to go with a rule of thirds: one third long term storage, one third ready reserve and one third in active use. I do not have enough components to do that at my current rate of .45 consumption.

Anonymous said...

"Scott J said... "

Considering the circumstances Scott, don't you think it's a bit dim-witted to be burning up all your ammo?