Saturday, March 15, 2014

Bob Owens channels Mike Vanderboegh. Oh, wait, that's me.

Remember my "Open Letter to NJ Gov. Chris Christie & Senate President Steve Sweeney . . .explaining some exigencies in the matter of firearm magazine restrictions and The Law of Unintended Consequences"? I told Hizzoner da Guv this almost a month ago:
First, Governor, if you sign this new tyrannical monstrosity you can forget ever winning a GOP presidential primary. Period. As in permanent amnesia fuggedaboutit. Now I understand that you both come from a state where collectivism has long ruled, where getting overheard on a hot mic talking of the property and liberty of fellow citizens in terms of "Confiscate -- Confiscate -- Confiscate" bears no political price whatsoever. But do you really think, Chris, that the GOP voters in Iowa and "Live Free or Die" New Hampshire are going to care? Fuggedaboutit.
Now comes Bob Owens: Christie Will Either Veto Magazine Restriction Bill, Or Kiss His Presidential Aspirations Goodbye
It is evident that great minds think alike. What is also evident is that some think faster than others. ;-)
(Shameless self-congratulation setting now being returned to zero.)


Anonymous said...

The Fatman has already said openly that he agrees with Cuomo's gun policy. Why back down now and even if he does he should be done as a candidate. He can't be trusted to "evolve" his thinking.

Anonymous said...

Christie will sign it - as he sees no choice but to do so. He's a gun grabbing muzzie lover to begin with but he will view his presidential aspirations as a MUST to sign because he thinks he will lose New Jersey if he doesn't.

As I've said for a LONG time - supporting Chris Christie is something for traitor DEMOCRATS (which is why media so tours him running).